Prehistoric Nidderdale

When and how did humans first arrive in Nidderdale? How did they survive and eventually build thriving communities here? Our Prehistoric Nidderdale resources help students understand the story of early human activity in the area.

Prehistoric Nidderdale discussion prompt and K-W-L chart

Humans ArriveHumans Arrive Thumbnail – PowerPoint covering the earliest human settlement of Nidderdale

Humans arrive activities

PDF resources: How changes in climate led to cycles of human arrival and disappearance; Historical finds showing evidence of early human activity; How to search online archaeological records; Visual understanding of physical and human geography

Humans Survive ThumbnailHumans Survive – PowerPoint showing the challenges early Nidderdale settlers faced

Humans survive activities

Humans Settle ThumbnailHumans Settle and Thrive – PowerPoint describing emerging bronze and iron age culture

Image resources

Colour and pen-and-ink drawings showing Nidderdale in the Stone Age (5,000 years ago) and in the Iron Age (2,000 years ago)

The Prehistoric Nidderdale topic web shows links with National Curriculum objectives and contains suggested activities.