What are we doing?

Works at the Prosperous Lead Mines scheduled monument have been focused on the smelt mill. In November 2014, the archway was shored to help secure it over winter, before the main consolidation work could take place in the following spring.

A photogrammetric survey of the upstanding remains was then carried out, providing a detailed record of the walling and also a 3D model. An ecological assessment and a bat survey was also undertaken to ensure consolidation works would not affect any protected species.

Smelt mill wall with shored arch and scaffolding in April 2015 (Louise Brown)

In Spring 2015 the arch was stabilised, and the wall repointed. The exposed wall head were consolidated with hard and soft (turf) capping.

During the summer of 2015, the small sculptural fragment of the engine house was also stabilised.

Further work is planned at the site, including capping the Prosperous mine shaft.