Nidderdale Rocks

Nidderdale was once under a tropical sea in the southern hemisphere. Our Nidderdale Rocks resources helps students to understand the variety of influences that have formed the present-day landscape and to think about the different rocks and minerals beneath their feet.

Nidderdale Rocks K-W-L chart

How Nidderdale BeganA page from a powerpoint presentation showing Nidderdale's location in the UK – PowerPoint covering how the rock under Nidderdale was formed and how the landscape has subsequently changed due to the actions of ice and water

Map-based geology activities

PDF and SMART Board resources: Identifying where Nidderdale is situated in the UK; Locating rocks and minerals on a map of the area; Reading grid references off a map to show the location of old mine shafts

Rock types and uses activities

PDF resources: Examining different rocks and minerals, thinking about their properties, looking at how to identify what each is and the uses that they can be put to

Timeline activities

PDF resources: Geological timeline from 350 million years ago to the present day; creative story-telling activity about origin of fossils

Image resources

Colour and pen-and-ink line drawings showing Nidderdale as a warm climate (130,000 years ago) and during one of the periods of glaciation (33,000 years ago)

The Nidderdale Rocks topic web shows links with National Curriculum objectives and contains suggested activities.