Victorians & Industry

The Victorian era saw Nidderdale transformed into a noisy industrial landscape, accompanied by on-going changes to farming practices. The Victorians & Industry resources look at the dale’s mining¬†industry and examine the impact of the large-scale enclosure of common land.

Victorians mining thumbnailVictorians and Mining – PowerPoint covering lead and coal mining

Historical enquiry activities

PDF resources: With a focus on the lead mining industry, search the local census to understand employment in Victorian times; Read and analyse the writing of three historic figures linked to Nidderdale

Victorians enclosure thumbnailThe Victorians, Enclosures and the Landscape – PowerPoint examining how people and the landscape were affected by 18th and 19th century enclosure of common land

Enclosure activities

PDF resources: Understand the impact of enclosure laws and consider who benefited and who lost out; Instructions to build a model dry stone wall

Image resources

Colour and pen-and-ink drawings showing Nidderdale in the Victorian era (150 years ago). Includes valley view and miners with mine owner at Prosperous Lead Mines

The Victorians & Industry topic web shows links with National Curriculum objectives and contains suggested activities.