Source to City

Did you know that if you live in the Leeds – Bradford area, the chances are that some of the water in your taps had its source in the hills surrounding Nidderdale’s Scar House reservoir. We want to build on this connection between city and countryside because, although not many miles distant, inner city Leeds and rural Upper Nidderdale can sometimes feel a world apart.

The Landscape Partnership believes that Upper Nidderdale’s fantastic countryside should be able to be enjoyed by as wide a range of people as possible. Our Source to City project will help to make this happen by establishing links with communities in inner city Leeds.

What are we doing?

Source to City is led by the Cardigan Centre, a north Leeds community development organisation. We have already:

  • Held workshops for people from the Headingley area of Leeds to ask them about their perceptions of the countryside and Upper Nidderdale in particular
  • Hosted meetings between staff from the Cardigan Centre and people from Upper Nidderdale who are interested in helping new audiences experience the area

Next steps are to:

  • Come up with a menu of activities that allow people to make links between Leeds and Upper Nidderdale
  • Look at ways to make this a two-way exchange: how can we bring the countryside to the city as well as the city to the countryside