Explore Fishpond Wood

The woodland is privately owned, but you are welcome to visit. There is a public footpath running through the wood, and a permissive path to the icehouse. Please keep to these paths, and take your litter (including dog waste) away with you.

Audio Trail

Discover the fascinating history of Fishpond Wood with owner Dr Peter Brambleby as your guide.

Starting point: Gate to Fishpond Wood, Bewerley (SE157646)
Distance: Approx. 2km
Time: Allow 1hr
Terrain: Easy with two quite steep inclines along the way. Can be a bit muddy in places.
An orienteering marker - a wooden post with "RD 10" on it

Orienteering marker

An audio trail marker - a wooden post with a number 1 on it

Audio trail marker

The audio stops are marked with numbered posts not to be confused with the orienteering markers.

Icehouse Interactive

You can also explore the icehouse remains online through our 3D interactive models (if the file does not open correctly in your browser, please download and view with Adobe Acrobat Reader).