Palaeolithic 14600–8000BC (around 16,500–10,000 years ago)

Mesolithic 8000–3500BC (around 10,000–5,500 years ago)

Neolithic 3500–2000BC (around 5,500–4,000 years ago)

Bronze Age 2000–750BC (around 4,000–2,700 years ago)

Iron Age 750BC–AD43 (around 2,700–1,950 years ago)

Roman AD43–410 (around 1,950–1,600 years ago)

Anglo-Saxon/Viking AD410–1066 (around 1,600–1,000 years ago)

Medieval AD1066–1485 (around 1,000–500 years ago)

1100s: Monks from Byland Abbey establish a Grange at Ramsgill

Post-medieval AD1485–1900 (around 500–100 years ago)

circa 1495: Bewerley Grange Chapel built

1700s: Fishpond Wood developed

1781–1889: Prosperous lead mine in operation

1862: Nidd Valley branch of the North Eastern Railway opened

Modern AD1900 onwards

1904–1936: Building of Scar House and Angram reservoirs

1914–1918: World War I

1939–1945: World War II

1964: Nidd Valley railway branch line closed