Our plans and vision

The Landscape Partnership worked across the landscape to enhance Upper Nidderdale so that:

  • the area’s rich historic environment and cultural heritage is conserved and enhanced for current and future generations (find out more in Historic Nidderdale)
  • Upper Nidderdale supports a diverse and resilient network of wildlife habitats through the efforts of the dale’s sustainable upland farming community (find out more in Wildlife & Farming)
  • a wide range of people of all ages discover, appreciate and enjoy Upper Nidderdale’s special qualities (find out more in Discovery & Learning)
  • visitors are easily able to access, on the ground and online, Upper Nidderdale’s natural environment and heritage features (find out more in Visit Nidderdale)
  • Upper Nidderdale’s communities take inspiration from the area’s heritage past to help to develop a sustainable rural future (find out more in Training & Skills)

The Partnership’s vision remains, and is that:

Upper Nidderdale will continue to be a remote and special place, where the quality of the natural environment is an inspiration to all, where heritage features are cherished and displayed, where visitors will find a welcoming local community who are immensely proud of their surroundings and are full of stories that bring the landscape to life.

Front cover of the Landscape Conservation Action Plan

You can read in more detail about our plans for Upper Nidderdale in the Partnership’s Landscape Conservation Action Plan