Reconnecting to the Landscape

Art is one the many ways to enjoy our landscape and can be a great way to think about what matters most to you. Each year we are running community art projects that link to other aspects of the Landscape Partnership. During our first year we looked at hay meadows. Reconnecting to the Landscape is led by Nidderdale Visual Arts, a local volunteer-run visual arts charity.

Hay meadows ‘Under the Microscope’

Hay Meadow arts workshop at No6 Studio Gallery

The theme Hay Meadows ‘Under the Microscope’ focuses on the importance and heritage of the hay meadows of Upper Nidderdale. This project also links to our Wildflower Nidderdale project

The project has helped people – from both local and wider communities – to get involved with this important aspect of Upper Nidderdale’s landscape. In particular we tried to create activities that encourage an ‘active’ rather than ‘passive’ appreciation of hay meadows.

Gill Kirk

Gill Kirk

Local artist Gill Kirk was selected by the project’s steering group (with professional advice from the Arts Consultant, Sara Trentham). Gill is studying and responding to hay meadows herself, as well as encouraging adults and young people through a series of creative workshops that took place in the summer on site in hay meadows, as well as in schools and at Number 6 Studio Gallery.

You can see below some examples of the wonderful prints created by adults and children attending these workshops:

Get Involved

We’re currently planning our next art theme, which will again link closely with Upper Nidderdale’s landscape. There will be more community workshops coming up – the timings for and content for these will be posted on the Number 6 Studio Gallery website, Landscape Partnership Facebook page and this website.