Moorlands: People, Places, Stories

moorland montage

(from top left: S Wilson, I Whittaker, A Sijpesteijn, Nidderdale AONB, H Jones, I Whittaker; centre: D Powell, Adrian Bury Associates)

Sharing stories – listening to the past

Everyone, young and old, has a story to tell; unique memories and experiences that would otherwise be lost over time. These personal accounts reveal much about the history of the moorlands, a personal history that is not written down.

Here we have an opportunity to preserve our moorland heritage by capturing aspects of history and experiences that would otherwise be lost, and to look at the landscape through different eyes.

Why the moorlands?

The moorlands have been influenced by humans over thousands of years, with successive generations finding different ways to exploit the area’s rich resources, leaving their mark as clues for future generations.

We hope that the project will help capture the character of the moorland landscape and of the people that live, work, and enjoy them.

Join the team

You can download more information about the project here: Moorlands volunteer info.pdf (367KB). Please get in touch if you would be interested in volunteering.

Share online

You can share your photographs and memories on our historypin collection here.