Monks & The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages saw Nidderdale come under the control of the monasteries, bringing great changes to the area. What was it like to live and work in Nidderdale at this time? How was life different from now under the feudal system? The Monks & The Middle Ages resources allow students to explore the period through local examples in the context of the wider history of the Middle Ages.

Monks & The Middle Ages discussion prompt and K-W-L chart

Monks thumbnail 64x90Monks & The Middle Ages information sheets – explore life on the monastic estates

Timeline activities

PDF and SMART Board resources: Events in Nidderdale in the context of well known events across the country, covering the 12th to 16th centuries

Farming in the Middle Ages

PDF and SMART Board resources: Understanding farming in the Middle Ages, including the farm layout, impacts of poor weather and farming activities through the year

Life under the abbeys

PDF and SMART Board resources: Disparity in wealth in Middle Ages; Typical day for a lay brother farming in Nidderdale; Conversations with two imaginary figures from the Middle Ages; How the feudal system worked

Image resources

Colour and pen-and-ink drawings showing Nidderdale in the Middle Ages (500 years ago). Includes valley view and a monk meeting with tenant farmers at Bewerley Grange Chapel

The Monks & The Middles Ages topic web shows links with National Curriculum objectives and contains suggested activities.